Good News Should be Appreciated

Google News draws thousands of visitors every hour of every day, every day. Do you think that if you could tap into even a small portion of this traffic, you would see a lot of traffic rush to your website?

Yes, you would. There would be thousands of visitors. Even better, they would be targeted traffic from around the world. The best traffic for any business!

Google News allows you to get just one story about your company in Google News. This will double, if it not quadruple, your traffic within days. Google News only indexes and indexes news stories from the past 30 days. But, its news archive function can go back to 200 years.

To become a Google News Publisher, you must first register. It doesn’t matter if you are a Times Newspaper’ or an Wall Street Journal’ publisher. You can easily set up your own news website. Google News has a number of news articles.

A news website that is relevant to your niche will be created. You can do a Google search for useful content. Then, make your own! Google News will index the news website. This will allow targeted visitors to flood your website with credit cards, ready to make purchases.

A prominent link should be placed on the home page of your news website to direct more traffic to the site where you are advertising your business.

This is what Google advises users to do on its site. It’s not easy to find this information so be sure to keep it in your mind!

Your articles URLs must meet these guidelines in order to be listed in Google News

A unique URL is required for each page that contains the full text of an article. Google News can’t accept sites that display multiple articles under a single URL, or pages that don’t contain links to the individual article.

While you will likely need to do this initially, as your business grows, it is possible to outsource the news gathering and article production work. To find these firms, you can do a Google search.

Google News provides detailed technical specifications for how to organize and structure news content. It is important to update your news content at least three or more times per week, if not daily. Keep improving your news website.

You’ll soon have thousands of visitors to the website each day!

You can also set up other news sites if you’re a working professional. You will soon double your income every month and then every week.

One would consider that good news regarding your body, posture and health would help to reduce stress and anxiety when dealing with a medical problem. Personally, I was surprised by the “down” feeling that followed after the initial excitement at receiving good news. It felt almost as if the good news had been too much. It was an odd response, and it inspired me to write this article. You would never believe good news can bring about positive feelings.

Let’s examine the dynamics between bad and good news. (I have previously written about what to do if you get bad news.

Anticipation can be a threat because it creates anxiety and stress. Treatment is the priority when you are diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening illness. The expectation is that treatment will be successful, or at the very least, there is hope. However, this is only the start of the journey.

The doctors will eventually test the treatment to determine if it is working. Waiting for that first test can be stressful and emotional. It is the same thing that your family and friends do, which is to wait. The shared experience can feel like support, or maybe it will feel like they are responsible for your feelings. Anticipation creates nervous energy and negative projections, which can lead to a sense that you are responsible for the feelings of others.

You get good news! It works. Everyone feels a sense of relief. Everyone feels joy, celebration, as well as the expectation of being well. Truth is, the waiting game for the next marker or test in your health just starts again. The next test will be available and the results will follow. You might get good news, or it could be bad.

The anticipation builds again. The anticipation builds again. You and your loved one feel nervous, on edge, and perhaps a bit burnt out from the process you know will continue until the health crisis is resolved. This cycle continues and the anticipation grows, especially if there has been some yo-yoing of good and bad news.

I can now see the “down” feeling after good news. For you and your loved ones, the flame of anticipation is lit again. Anxiety, stress, and other feelings can be caused by anticipation.

It is important to feel positive when you hear good news. This helps protect you from the yo-yo effect that can result in negative and positive news cycles. You don’t need to get too excited if you aren’t happy with the news. You might not have the joy of celebrating if you’re one of those people who feels responsible for other people’s feelings. Good news can make you feel happy or neutral, which will protect you from disappointment and upset, as well as protect you from future predictions about your health.

Now you understand the cycle and how it creates anticipation. It also causes low or neutral emotions when good news is received. This is a good way to handle information about your health. Yes, it is! There is no right or wrong way to feel.

They are all managed in a unique way by each person. It is good to keep your head up and accept both the good and the bad news. There are no major ups and downs that can cause the body to lose its ability to heal. The cycle and the process of handling a crisis in your health is exactly what it is: a series, a process, your life…

It is also important to stay present in order to manage your expectations. It means paying attention now and not focusing on what happened in the past. This will help you manage anticipation. These projections are useless unless you use positive imagery to help calm your mind, body and emotions. Hypnosis is a great way to do this. Focusing on the present moment is the best way to make things easier for yourself, your family, friends, and loved ones.

Exercise: If you feel anxious about the future or from past experiences, there are ways to get rid of it.

Relax with your eyes closed. Take three to four slow deep breaths. You can notice negative feelings or thoughts that are running in your head. You don’t need to “fix” anything. Relax your body by slowing down and taking deep breaths. You might feel your limbs a little heavier, but your back and neck will start to relax.

Relaxing may cause your heart rate to slow. Pay attention to your body, your thoughts and your emotions. You don’t have to do anything but observe. Breathe and pay attention either to your right or left feet. Take note of your toes and arch. Pay attention to your calf and shin. Next to your knee, draw your eyes up towards your buttocks.

Keep your hips in line. Slowly breathe. Your attention should be drawn up to your hip, towards your thighs, toward the small part of your back, along your spine, and then to the side. Your abdomen and belly are important. Pay attention to your chest, and how it moves as you breathe.

Take a look at your shoulder and draw your attention downwards to your hand. Pay particular attention to each finger. Your neck and throat will be more easily noticed if you shift your attention back towards your shoulder. Move your attention to that side of the face. Move your attention from the back of the head to the top of the scalp. Now, turn your attention to one side of the body. Then, let your attention move down from your scalp to your feet.

That’s it. Then you will experience a sense of being present with your body. You will also find your mind quietening and your body will relax. To deepen the experience, you can move your attention around your body two to three times. This helps you relax, balance your emotions, and be present.

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