How To Avoid Excessive Alcohol?

Alcoholism is a affliction of the body, mind and soul. It is possible for anyone to become an alcoholic when they’re in the vicinity of conditions that trigger addictions like alcoholism. This could be physically, emotionally as well as emotionally. It is a form of addiction that connects to the mind, body and spirit of the people who suffer from it. Let’s have a look.

The physical dependence to alcohol and เหล้าบ๊วย is a procedure which focuses on how the pancreas handles sugars within the bloodstream. In the alcoholic/hypoglycemic individual the pancreas does not do a very efficient job in processing the sugars from the alcohol.

This is the process It is said that the alcoholic craves the first few drinks of alcohol purely because of the sugar in it. (If there’s no alcohol available the area, he’ll most likely indulge in sugary food to quell his addiction).

After the alcoholic has consumed the first few drinks, it lowers blood sugar levels more (the pancreas has too much load to function efficiently)! The alcoholic then craves more sugar to remedy this blood sugar imbalance and the cycle of viciousness continues. The brain cells need more alcohol in order to make up for the deficiency of sugar. This is why alcoholics crave the drink.

I am a recovering alcohol addict for fifteen years. I’ve conducted thorough research into what alcohol has on our bodies and I can confidently say that once diet changes are made and hypoglycemia is treated with a healthy eating the physical dependence on alcohol will diminish. When I was an alcoholic/hypoglycemic I would eat sweets and drink Pepsi all day if I didn’t have access to alcohol. My life was a emotional stumbling block.

Dietary deficiencies are the main reason of alcohol dependence. How can I tell this? Since I’ve listened to my body and have eliminated hypoglycemia and physical cravings for alcohol with diet. The most suitable diet for hyperglycemic, diabetic, or alcoholic is the whole grain diet.

Get rid of any refined food items from your pantry shelves and start eating more organic! Foods like whole wheat bread brown rice whole grain pasta legumes, beans and oatmeal are all used to regulate and regulate blood sugar levels. This provides the pancreas with the chance to relax and start working effectively.

Whole grains are ideal since they’re digested slowly in the body’s system, creating a healthy atmosphere that regulates blood sugar. This means there are no spikes, there are lack of cravings and physical or emotional imbalances. Diet plays a major influence on how the brain functions. If you eat a whole grain and whole food diet, our brain ceases to send signals to consume the consumption of alcohol or sugar.

To summarize, I’ll affirm that alcoholism can very possibly be a sign of hypoglycemia. There are many people with low blood sugar levels become alcohol-related, mainly because the rest of the causes for alcoholism do not exist for that person.

The next step is to look at the mental and emotional aspects of drinking. Alcoholics generally experience emotional fluctuations and are often agitated. They also are prone to anxious and fearful, and have low self-esteem, and are often depressed.

The reason for these symptoms is that they suffer from hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can be as an emotional issue like physical. The above symptoms are symptoms of hypoglycemia , also known as sugar overload syndrome.

Ninety percent of alcohol drinkers suffer from low blood sugar. What happens if you make a change to your the diet? Can hypoglycemia be cured? Yes! However, if intentionally bang my head against the wall a few times, I’ll get bruises and bumps.

Similar to should I consciously consume a diet that is not healthy and full of refined food items, my body and mind are likely to tell me about it via a vitamin or mineral insufficiency. We have control over the food we consume. Your doctor doesn’t care about what you consume. If you don’t take action regarding your diet, then your body’s going to.

The majority of alcoholics have a hard dealing with their emotions and recognizing the world around them. I was convinced that I was unable to cope with life if I wasn’t drinking. I was terrified to give up drinking! And in a way this is very true for the alcoholic/hypoglycemic because they are so vitamin deficient that their brain works in puzzling ways.

It’s an overwhelming, frightening and stressful time for alcoholics as they first begin to get sober…until they take charge of their food habits! If the person who is alcoholic doesn’t change their diet, they’ll not be able to remain sober as the physical dependence on alcohol is the primary aspect of addiction. If you’ve ever dependent on cigarettes, then you’re aware of what I’m speaking about.

Alcohol is an alcoholic’s most trusted friend , and losing their most trusted friend could mean that they will never be able with life’s challenges on their own terms. But the reality is that all alcoholics who are completely clean (not dried drunk) physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally will be able to look back at their alcohol-related days and laugh since they can truly live without alcohol and will never ever crave alcohol or SUGAR for a second time! When the diet is reformed and the person is clean for at minimum six months they will begin to see that he’s able to function perfectly without alcohol.

How does alcohol impact our spirituality? Alcohol can affect the mind. The alcoholic’s way of “getting an addiction” is a major factor in all aspects of their lives. Even those who function as alcoholics working are consumed with getting home or to the bar for drinks twenty or more times in a day. There isn’t time for spirituality.

But I do believe that once an alcoholic recognizes that they have a problem with drinking, they’re more likely to ask God to get the assistance they require. However, that does not mean that they’ll all of suddenly be free of addiction. No. What you’ve learned so far it is an emotional and physical condition, as well as all aspects of alcoholism need to be addressed prior to the person who is alcoholic being removed from the cravings of alcohol.

Alcoholism prevents our from being the full and complete person God desires for us to become. Potential is stifled because alcohol controls our goals, ambitions aspirations, thoughts, and ideas. Alcoholics do not even realize the amount of life they’re missing.

I vividly remember my last two years of drinking. I would attempt to be aware of God’s presence and there were moments that I felt I was willing to release “it” leave and surrender “it” the hands of God. However, stubbornness, insecurity, and my poor health caused me to stay on the path of addiction.

When I was sober, I was a bit ashamed, and low self-esteem made it difficult to overcome when being sober. I also needed alcohol, which is why I continued drinking. A couple of years later, I got up and said to myself, “this is not the best path for me..


In addition, any road could be good roads in the moment of trials and trials that we face and endure through life but ultimately, only one path is the one that leads to God.

Faith comes into play to believe in God in your daily life. In the event that God created you, then why would He not help you? God is a loving God even if you’ve been walking along your own path. God will help you if you request God to do so and believe in it with all your heart, mind and spirit.

In terms of emotional healing, the addict must determine what the wounds of his or (past trauma) and then give the wounds to God. Spiritually, this is how you repair the injuries. Everybody hurts, and everyone experiences pain from time-to-time. Drinking alcohol isn’t the only solution to never feel. We must feel our feelings in order to overcome the pain and grow into more wholesome people.

Jesus would like to take away your burdens. He is here to ease your burdens. Allow God help you in your journey. Healing within yourself must be carried out within your spiritual and emotional life. This is when you surrender your life to God and then surrender the control over it. Your life is yours to God.