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The “After Earth”, a collection of archetypes, includes the “Father,” wise, valiant, and fundamentally detached from his son because of a perceived weakness in the Son. The Son has let his Father down deeply, which has resulted in emotional and physical disconnection.

The “Son/Sun” archetype in movies shows the son following his father’s lead while also trying to make his own name. He loves his Father but is bitter about him because he knows he has not lived up to the Father’s expectations


He yearns to be as close to him as possible and surpass his Father in order to earn his love and respect. It is the Son’s responsibility to save or redeem his Father. He earns the right to be a Father.

Below is a list of the steps the Father-Son archetype takes in the movie, “After Earth.”

The search for Father begins with the Son

Father declares Son a failure because he fails in his expectations. After Earth is silent on this subject, although in some stories the Father explicitly tells Son that he has failed.

Father and son set out on a journey to repair the relationship. This mask is used as a starting point for the initiatory journey.

Father and Son are both affected by disaster. Only the two of them can survive. The Father is left severely wounded and must rely on the Son to save him.

Father requires absolute obedience to his orders and rules. If he doesn’t trust the mental or physical abilities of the Son, he must demand complete obedience.

Son is sent alone to face the elements, enemies, and with the “spiritual direction” of his Father. After Earth represents the spiritual guidance of Father through the com-link which keeps them in voice communication and the “All Seeing Eyes,” or cameras that the Father deploys to monitor Son’s progress and keep him safe.

Son VS. Father – When his Father fails to believe that the Son can reach his goals, the Son begins questioning his father’s authority. Kitai decides to ignore his Father’s direct orders. This is probably the most important part of the movie. It is important to remember that authority can be oppressive or unjust. The hero must disobey it in order to bring justice.

Son is disobedient to Father and is cast out, cutoff or cast down. It is symbolic that the Father has been cut off and Kitai was cast down from heaven. Kitai took a leap from the waterfall as a sign of disobedience to his Father’s request that he return to home. This caused Kitai’s communication link with his Father to be cut, leaving him alone and without guidance during a crucial stage of the mission/initiation.

Son Forced To Face Enemy (FEAR Alone) – Fear is represented in the movie by the Ursa. This monster tracks its prey using pheromones that are released when it is afraid. This creature can sense your fear. Only after the Son has learned to master himself will he be able to overcome the fear within him, which is what the Ursa beast in this movie represents.

Son Redeems (SAVES), Father returns home a man, understands, and becomes Father.

The Heru Mythos

Every hero story that you’ve ever read or seen on the silverscreen is based upon the mythos Heru. Heru was an African Neter (force/aspect of nature) who was an ancient deity. It was also the template for all good Kings. You can read more about his exploits in the “The Passion of Osiris, Ausar” and “A Tale of Two Brothers”. These stories come from Egypt’s ancient Kemet.

His jealous brother Set betrayed Father Ausar (Osiris), and kills him in the myth. Ausar is resurrected to be the spiritual ruler or afterlife. He is made to rule from a throne, and he can also cast his judgement on the souls of those who have passed away. [This symbolically shows Kitai’s Father Cipher seated in the ship’s chair and using the ships camera (spiritual eyes), and the comm. Link (spiritual communication), to monitor and give guidance to Kitai

The importance of the throne motif is obvious because it was foreshadowed by the soldier in a wheelchair who approached the General with his Son. When the General approached him, the soldier said that the General had saved their lives and requested that his companions “stand up” or, in Biblical terms, “made straight”. This would allow him to properly salute his hero. This would be repeated as the General asked for “stand me up” to salute his son.

Back to the mythos surrounding Heru… his father Ausar, Osiris (Osiris), is murdered and his brother seizes the kingdom. Heru is given the task of Mother Auset to put Heru on his rightful throne. Heru is required to undergo years of training under the guidance of his Mother Auset and Aunt Nebhet, Nephtys and the diminutive Bes. Bes is the Neter of happiness, child birth and war. Bes trains Heru to become a warrior. Yoda, the Star Wars trainer (Bes), played the role of Heru (Luke Skywalker).

The Hawk was Heru’s symbol. The Hawk was often depicted as a bird with wings, and wearing the head or mask a hawk. After Earth depicts the relationship of the Hero with the Hawk. In the “Leap of Faith”, Kitai is chased by the Hawk and taken to her nest where she feeds her baby chicks. Kitai wakes up to find that the nest of hawk chicks is being eaten by feline predators.

Kitai aids the hawk to protect the nest, but it fails to stop the predators killing all of its baby birds.

The hawk mourns her lost baby chicks with a loud scream and then follows Kitai through the air. This seems menacing at the time, but it turns out that she has a bond with Kitai. She eventually drags him to safety, and then protects him from the freezing cold with her own body heat. This is Kitai’s mythic relationship to Heru, the Neter***of the Sun and Sky… the original skywalker.

After many troubled battles and adventures, Heru with the help his Mother would gain rulership over the land of Kemet in Egypt and, thereby, redeem his father Ausar (Osirus).

It is important to remember that Ausar (Osiris), Heru (Horus), has been told in many different versions. While the names and characters may change and some of their circumstances may also change, the essence of the story will remain the same. The Son is responsible for succeeding his Father as ruler over the land or EARTH. But only after he has proved himself worthy. As you can see, After Earth is more complex than it appears.


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