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It was a wonderful occasion. Mike was so enthusiastic about the event. Mike along with Laura put together his 40th birthday celebration with aplomb and flair. Everyone from his friends from school and at university were invited. I was invited as we attended University. University together.

I was impressed by the venue they used to host the event. It was a location near the Sorbonne within the Latin Quarters. It was a microcosmos of Parisian society and culture. It was, most importantly, suitable for birthday man Mike’s mind-set and his tastes. The party was fantastic. The party was a blast and we enjoyed throughout the evening.

The traditional French food, which included Bouillabaisse, vol-auvent lamb quiche, cassoulet and foie gras with desserts like truffles and truffles that will be remembered forever by anyone who attended his birthday party. I also remember Mike being a childlike curiosity when he opened gifts for his birthday. Mike received all kinds of birthday gifts, ranging from pencils, books, watches, to shirts, trousers and ties, bottles champagne, as well as cash. I presented him with Jean Christophe by Romain Rolland.

He had been planning to buy the novel for quite a while. I was aware of this through his wife, Laura who was a friend of mine, so I purchased and gave the massive novel to him. Laura has taken countless photos of the celebration using her camera on digital in order to preserve the moment.

Make Things to do list during the event as the time is usually fast on such events and management on the spot is tough.

While we knew this was inevitable, the fact of Jacques’s passing still was able to frighten us. There was nothing Jacques’s spouse, Marie or his mom or me could do. The doctors had advised us that the battle was over when the tumors were found in the brain of Jacques. If Jacques’s life was over and mine were, my life had taken on the same pattern.

Every day I’d go to work, and then every evening I would go to visit Jacques in the hospital before I headed home. There was nothing new or break from the routine. The monotony felt like I was in the hands of a machine as if I could keep doing this even after the death of Jacques. His wife, mother, and I were always at the top of their game, always in tension and waiting for him to die. We were waiting for the moment of his demise because there was no possibility of him ever to come back.

The death of his loved ones would end his suffering regardless of what happened. He was suffering from an advanced type of cancer in the brain. The treatment of the tumors would be near impossible since they were within the most vital regions in his brain. Jacques was to become a vegetable after the completion the need for an operation. In the evening, while en route for the hospital received a call from his mother. She said that he was suffering from the effects of dying. I was rushed into the hospital.

The doctors informed me the doctor said that Jacques is in the last days. He was brought by his mother to a church to the scene who was scheduled to deliver the sacrament and then anoint Jacques to commemorate the moment of his passing. The nurses and doctors who attended to Jacques were sad throughout the ceremony. The mother of Jacques and Marie were crying.

Because I was the only person who seemed calm I was informed by the doctors of formalities and procedures in the case of his death. Jacques was alive for around an hour after my entry into the hospital. His death was a difficult experience for us all.

A Family Event

My sister was at Daniela’s wedding. It was a magnificent occasion. Daniela was stunning in her lacy, white dress, with a veil and embroidery and an arrangement of pink and red roses on her arm. Our young cousins were her bridesmaids. It was my mom’s and my obligation to gift her away. The brother of my in-laws, Rupert, was actually my friend.

Through me, she come across him. My sister was an assistant to a teacher at the time and studying for her Ph.D. And Rupert already held a prestigious job at a large bank. The match was perfect. They were both in love with one another. My mother and I chosen to plan the wedding. We wanted it to be an unforgettable and memorable event and a grand event that was enjoyed not only by the bride and groom, but all wedding guests.

That’s exactly what happened! It was followed by an extravagant luncheon. Everyone toasted the newlywed couple. The celebration included was dancing, and a delicious dinner. We invited all of our acquaintances and family members and requested Rupert to join in the fun. The reception hall was filled with people, with my mother and Rupert’s mother being the most thrilled of all. Many of the guests that were from the generation of our mothers, offered their blessings to the couple, and hoped the couple would get invited back to commemorate the event.

The gifts filled the entire room, piled up nearly into the air. We all took pictures of the occasion, including Daniela, despite her bridal gown that was trailing. After the young couple left to honeymoon, my mom and I, along with Rupert’s mother and brother, had an intimate gathering with friends to commemorate the great wedding ceremony that took place.

My mother encouraged me to marry and get settled down, and said that she would host an equally stunning party for me just as she held for Daniela. The whole experience was so beautiful and enchanting and was like a fairytale and left all of us the families of the couple shocked.

Afraid of being smashed out of an event

We continued to live in this dreamy way for a while. My mother was in the midst of her job; I was in awe of my coaching, motivational and sessions with counselors.

However, as with any dream that results in awakening, we were also suddenly awakened from our sleep of our dreams when Daniela told us that Rupert was not the person who he was before his marriage. After a couple of months, our dreams was turned into nightmare. Daniela as well as Rupert were literally fighting each other. It was embarrassing, too because Rupert’s mother and my mother were good friends over the course of time.

We initially attempted to help the two of them re-connect their lives. I was chosen to be mediator by both families due to me being one’s brother and another’s close friend. But , there was nothing I could do to assist. The marriage was in ruins. In the end, the whole situation left us in shock.

We had believed that what we believed to be a divine union ended up being an awful union, one which was never intended to be. The possibility of divorce was never on our thoughts. It seemed like divorce was the only thing that could provide a little peace for Daniela as well as Rupert. I felt extremely guilty because this was how my daughter been married to her husband. The divorce was finalized. There was plenty of legal battles and pain for both families. It was a good thing that it went this way. It was impossible to stay together for long.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Following the events of divorce my mom, Daniela and I went to a vacation. We were in dire for a break and looking to refresh our souls. We decided to travel to India. We picked India due to the fact that I am close and always associated with the nation. My job often has me traveling there, and I’ve become fascinated with Indian culture. In India we made a decision to travel to New Delhi, Agra, Darjeeling, Puri, Mumbai as well as some South Indian temples.

The trip was long due to us traveling to various places. It turned out to be an uplifting experience an unforgettable experience for us three. Puri as well as Mumbai were breathtaking thanks to the serene waters of Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, respectively, splashing against the shores as well as our heels.

Darjeeling was breathtaking in the best way possible with the glittering Kanchenjunga that stood tall, majestic and unwavering against the clear blue sky. Its Taj Mahal of Agra was stunning and an entire event in itself. New Delhi was spellbinding. Temples in South India were exquisite gems.

They were a treasure trove of beauty. Jagannath Temple in Puri was an event hub because it was the site of prayer services and worshiping, singing sessions, and even weddings inside its grounds. The trip to India together with family members was among the most memorable experiences of my life. It had a transformative impact on my mother as well as my sister and me. It gave us confidence in ourselves and appreciate the lives we lead. The impact of our vacation became apparent once the time came to return France. Each of us started to perform exceptionally well in our work.

We were also promoted. We celebrated our career advancement this time, without any lavish party or pomp and spectacle but in the most quiet manner possible, dining in peace at an Italian restaurant. We did not invite anyone, and did not inform anyone of the celebration. Only our office staff were aware of our promotions.

My mother’s promotion, to the position of Head of department at the University was reported by her colleagues. My mother’s colleagues were keen to throw a birthday party for her, but she declined the invitation as she was determined to keep things as private as she could.

A Low-profile Event Could be a turning point

The simple evening brought tremendous joy to our lives. We celebrated in a way that we’ve never experienced before. Three trio of us Mum, Daniela and I, enjoyed our most-loved meals at our favorite eateries. It was amazing that such a small, not-publicized event can bring such a lot of joy was something I realized at first. I also learned other things in that single moment of eating out.

What is an event?

I was aware that an event can be described as an occurrence or happening, and that they are of various kinds. I realized that an event could be a source of great joy or sorrow, loss or triumph. Death and birth are two events. A birthday is an occasion. A wedding is an occasion.

Divorce is an occasion. A contest is an event. War is an event. Promotions in the workplace are an occasion. Also, a demotion is an occasion. Simple things like dining out can be a significant event. Actually, a common event, like the three of us eating out together, could turn into an important event that is a turning point and a high-stakes day. Life is the biggest thing that happens to us all. It is comprised of a variety of smaller incidents, events or occurrences and accidents.

It is these incidents and incidents, some major and others small which make up our lives, which shape our lives and determine the person we are. We have complete control over some events , like birthday parties as well as other celebrations but no control over other things like fatalities and injuries. All these events are unavoidable and are a fundamental element in our daily lives.

Event Management Software

It is impossible to record all the events that take place. It is also impossible to manage the many circumstances we endure throughout our lives. To control the things so that we are only experiencing positive events and avoid negative events, many people seek out the astrologers.

However, astrologers’ only job is to fool. They make it appear that they can predict events however they’re not able to do their job. But, there are ignorant people who implicitly believe in these individuals. I’m able to provide you with the most effective and efficient method of managing the events. Event management software is accessible through the Internet.

Event management software is an event management software which assists individuals in managing their events. The most reliable software for managing events allows users to document the events and schedule events and share information about events, create summary of events and various other things to keep track of event details. A reliable and secure event management software can also help you network professionally with others to discuss various aspects of the event on your platform program.

The software that is reliable for event management is platform-independent and can be accessed via any PC or laptop that is connected to Internet. Additionally, good event management software can help people organize their or her life more effectively. It aids a person become more organized, observant, and prepared for emergencies.

For any event, reliable event management software can provide a variety of enjoyable occasions in the form of promotions and growth in the direction of the individual. Software for managing events has gained recognition in the past few years. Many people are finding this software extremely useful in managing their lives. Although event management software can be useless in the event of natural or unpredictable events like earthquakes, volcanoes and floods, it can be helpful in helping people become more organized, and in making boring lives exciting.

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